Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We're Back

We're back from the States! Andy's been doing a great job by the looks of things but Big Joe and Little Jo are back and ready for business! We met a lot of awesome tattooists over the past month, exchanging tips and stories, making some good friends!
Come down and say hello, and get ready for some stories. It's GOOOOOD to be back!

We're pretty busy this week so we'll have some photos to put up in no time, and Andy's got a bunch after the last month as well, but until then, here's a photo of me getting a dose of my own medicine. I'm sure some of you will enjoy seeing me in pain!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Work by Brett Baumgart

Salvador Dali by Brett Baumgart

Lipstick by Brett Baumgart

New Tattoo by Brett Baumgart

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen - Pls note that June 16 2012 will be the last day of Immortal Tattoos, Singapore -I will be away for sometime (God knows how long) and I will be shifting to a new studio which I had dreamed of for the past 6 years...

With this said, I thank each and every client of mine who got inked by me and there will be a farewell party held with those who are 6
66% SURE who will support me and my works .... The end of Immortal Tattoos but the beginning of a new era in the Tattoo Industry for myself....

Free Flow (Housepour and Tiger beer) cum 10cmX10cm Tattoo for just $100 !! - My beautiful Sinners, this is the ONLY time, I am asking for your help..So Why Wait?

Farewell Party Date is YET TO BE CONFIRMED. ( Most Likely in the FIRST WEEK of JUNE 2012 )