Sunday, January 29, 2012

Danielle Silva Tattooing at Premium!

Tattoo By Danielle Silva

Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hope everyone had a great holiday, we had a good rest and got straight back into work once January started!
We now have a new studio upstairs which is looking pretty neat, and we'll soon have pictures and a video tour when all the finishing touches are made, but until then, feel free to come down and have a gander for yourself.


I finished off Mark's lower arm this month and we're now working up his arm to make a full sleeve

This ship is halfway done so far, it's on Sam who's got the pirate pin up below. We're keeping it black and grey to match up

And here are a couple of healed pieces that have come back in for us to show off


Andy started on this koi last week, just outline for now but already looking good

And to finish up, this is a sweet little superman symbol Andy did on Saturday

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brett Baumgart is HERE! Tattooing FULL-TIME @ Premium Tattoo

 Tattoo by: Brett Baumgart
 Tattoo by: Brett Baumgart
 Tattoo by: Brett Baumgart
 Tattoo By: Brett Baumgart
Tattoo by: Brett Baumgart 

Brett Baumgart is tattooing FULL-TIME at Premium Tattoo! Come and see him TODAY!

Here's a quick one!

The petite panther!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! Tattoos by Matt Decker

Sorry, for the lapse in updated posts! Alas, the holiday season was very busy for good old Premium Tattoo! Here's an update of work done by Matt Decker through out the holiday season....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

new yr

Sitting in a dark room, thinking of making the greatest decisions was never this easy. I have put up with so much of issues in the past, hoping I would not have to go through it in 2012, but it seems, I am always surrounded by negativity. There was a time, where negativity helped me grow as an individual but, it came to a breaking point where I can no longer handle it and it has somewhat consumed me.

Should I make that change to make others happy, or should I make that decision that would make me happy? I am sick and tired of pain being represented in many forms, in the forms which I wished it did not. To be very honest, I am afraid to stand up for myself now. I feel weak and scared and living in constant fear and threats that would harm me and my life as I go by...

There was never a day which I never wished that things would get better, but I realized, it was only a wishful thinking. Nothing great is going to come out of it, especially when I am accused over and over and over for something I did not even commit. Yes, we all do mistakes. We are only humans, and humans do err. Life is very demanding and I can no longer go through with it.

Yes, I want to break free from this emotional impalement. I can no longer hide behind the tears of a clown. I am in a very confused state, thinking and pondering of what should I do about it. No alcohol or temporary happiness is going to make things go away. I am being judged for who I was, but not for who I am. No one understands my torment and no one can read my inner thoughts. I don't know if I believe in patience anymore, I don't know if I even believe in my own existence in this cruel World, that I walk on.

Adapting to nature is not an easy task, neither is putting on a smile, a mask, to hide from Society. I need an escape, an escape that would let me be a free soul, to do what makes me feel contented in what I do. I was a firm believer of not bowing down to another person's need, but I guess, its not easy being a King. I deserted my own Kingdom which I built from scratch for the happiness of the people around me, but there is no appreciation or gratitude. We all are born with a dream, a goal and I did too. Whatever I have worked for, or the mess I put myself into, as an individual, was never a beneficiary movement for my own gain, but for the people I love. But, look at me now....

If there is God, I would love to meet Him. I would probably even make an offer to Him, in which even He, cannot refuse. To be his slave in service, in return for Freedom from this Filthy Society. - Absinthe Diaries, DiamondFangs, 2012 -