Thursday, December 24, 2009

PERMANENT by Riot Productions

PERMANENT @ Infusion
2nd Jan 2010

A union of steel and flesh, the art of ink and skin – PERMANENT will dispel the taboos surrounding the world of counter-culture in Singapore.

Join us for a New Year party like you’ve never seen before at the aptly-named Infusion, and prepare to experience a mesmerising night of art where the skin becomes the canvas. With live tattooing and piercing exhibitions and sessions from four of the foremost tattoo studios in Singapore, as well as professional skin airbrushing, Henna painting, and a mind-blowing graffiti showcase, we promise an evening that will be permanently seared into your mind.

Location: 16A Dempsey Road, Infusion
Doors Open: 9.30pm
Door Tickets: $18
Presale Tickets: $16
Each ticket entitles to 1 free drink and 1 airbrush tattoo
For Presale Tickets please contact Kenneth Sim @ 9691 0569

Participating Tattoo/Art Studios:
Immortal Tattoos
2) Primitive Art Piercing & Tattoo Studio
Visual Orgasm
4) Art Inflict
5) Attic Gothic Lolita Punk
6) Path (Body Art & Special Effects)

Event is gonna be a tattoo exhibition/new year party.
Activities going on are the following:
1) Live Tattooing from all studios
2) Live Piercing (Walk-in)
3) Airbrush
4) Henna
5) Body painting showcase
6) Body Piercing showcase
7) Graffiti showcase
8) Live spinning by DJ Nel of Riot Productions

*send your questions to

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

São Miguel Arcanjo

Reprodução da obra de Guido Reni que tatuei no Rodrigo, foram 4 sessões de aproximadamente 3 horas cada.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Reprodução da obra de Ingres "The Countess of Haussonville"

Depois de muitas sessões, aí está o resultado final
(Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres. 1845, Oil on canvas. The Frick Collection, New York.)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Absinthe Garden - Goth Art Exhibit

Good Day, Boys and Girls. I know its been a long time since my last update. As usual I have not been having much time to upload my works and rant about issues.

First of I would like to say, I got my Photographic Artworks displayed in an art exhibition in DXO, Singapore. Special thanks to the Lique Vanique of Singapore Dark Alternative Movement ( ) who made it possible.

It was a Goth Art Exhibit, called Absinthe Garden and speaking of which, how can I not have Absinthe before heading down to the exhibition ?!

Lovely Isn't it?

Mumzie, a latest addition to the crew, prepares the Absinthe, Ritualistically.

Hmmmm...Enjoy the moments

Loaded up on Absinthe and here we Go !!

Mumzie, Lique Vanique and Myself

....Boo !!....

Photography By Sushikin - That is why she is not in the pictures. :P

These are the 3 Photographic Artworks that was on Display for Absinthe Garden on October 16th 2009 @ DXO

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Josefine

-Order In Chaos-

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Josefine

-The Window-

Thats all for now folks !!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charlie Chaplin

Tattoo do Carlos, meu cliente de muito tempo que já virou um grande amigo.

Vou tentar atualizar mais esse blog aqui

quem quiser conferir mais dos meus trabalhos é só acessar os links abaixo

um abraço a todos que passam por aqui

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boys and Girls,

I know I have been slow on updating my works, including the ones from -XVI- the ongoing event.

I have too many things going on in my head and its been hard for me to concentrate but I still try. Its like, I am already am living in hell in reality. I don't know if the idea of my event has become real or that my mind has engulfed me and over took my senses...

Things around me seems to mess me up and shut me down. Sometimes I don't even know what I am thinking about or even going through. I have been having memory lost and seems like I am losing my grip on my life...

I really need to find my 66 Sinners and finish this event up. Honestly, now I know why they say, "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it".....

Immortal Tattoos was interviewed by an Online Tattoo Magazine,

Check out the interview here :

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009


Few days before the XVI event !! Enjoy the tease...

Lotus on the foot. Its a Coverup of an old tattoo...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

66 Tattoo Canvases Wanted for Immortal Tattoos upcoming Event. If you think you can be part of it. Why wait? Just email me !!

Tattoos are charged at ONLY $50 per session. If the tattoo can be completed in one sitting, its still ONLY $50 !!

Minimum size of Tattoo must be of 15cm in height. But if you want to do something smaller and if you think its a good design, just let me know.

The canvases who are undergoing work progress by me CANNOT apply for this event.

If you are interested do email me :

Additional Info : 5 Females are needed for inking. Tattoos are done for free. U must be able to model for photo shoot. We don't want shy ladies. Do email me if you have any questions.

Thank u all for your time.

PS: This event is held in Singapore only.

Once upon an infernal time,
Existed a circus created by hell’s own grime
The circus bred freaks that thrived on pain,
Thereby giving it, its sordid name.

In the carnival of pain, lived a freak,
Whose daily pain made the guillotine seem meek.
Diamond fangs, the condemned called him,
The Grand Meister, of the Carnival of eternal Sin
And the pain he felt, he transferred to ink,
With which he marked bodies till raw and pink.

This blasphemy provoked higher beings,
Till even God deferred; and the Devil Intervened.
Black, angry and searing pains he felt,
Of kinds which make hardest stones melt,

Voices of those past inked, echoed painfully
Right through Diamond Fang’s head; throbbing violently.
The creature thought, for sure he’ll explode,
For minions of hell destroyed his abode.
Scorched his eyes, and flayed his body
Until his tainted soul was ripped all bloody.

Thus when he was about to break,
The visions cleared and a voice thus spake,
From its high throne of gory splendor,
Said the Devil with glistening evil ardor,

“You’ve breached the codes of heaven and hell,
For this torrid sin, repent you shall.
66 irredeemable sinners you must find,
And mark them with the ink of thine,
Then only will your soul mend,
And back to your Carnival, you may tend.

Break me this chain of human sacrifice,
And your soul can never survive
So go forth my insolent son,
your quest of 66 sinners has now begun".

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Live Bait 2009

Finally, Here I am, with my updates !! A month or so has passed and I guess I am finally ready to tell the World on the things I went through while I was on the Blood, Sex & Ink Tour that took place in Melbourne, Australia !! 22nd March 2009 - 12th April 2009...

To begin with, the experiences I had when I was there, has changed me into someone whom I never thought I would be. Most of you would know who Ms.Kim is and most of you would also know that she and I were seeing each other for quite some time. Not until I got a call on April 1st 2009....

Ladies & Gentlemen, Lovely Ms.Kim and I, are no longer together. Chains of events have made her
leave me for someone else, while I was in Melbourne. It was heartbreaking news to me, being more than 3000 miles away from her, there was nothing I could do to save the relationship, which I pretty much treasured alot.

It was not easy for me to carry on my usual routines after hearing the news. I wanted to come back to Singapore, the very next day, hoping she would change her mind. I was emotionally impaled and left to die...literally !!

Thanks to my good friends and the ever beautiful, Absinthe - I managed to survive and carried on with what I came to do. I told myself, "I am not gonna let a Heartbreak ruin the Tour". I didn't fly over 3000 miles, just to go back home being hurt. Fuck that !!

Show must go on regardless what happens, Boys and Girls !! - Even though I am not over what happened. -

Let me take you all to Live Bait Event which took place on March 28th 2009, organized by The Hanged Man Team, Melbourne. Thanks Pete and the whole crew for making my dream come true !!

Marking the spots...

You just gotta Love it !!

Beautiful Hooks...( And I lost those Hooks !! )

Was briefed on what to expect....

Get the rigs on, Boys!!

Moments before being Suspended...

Getting Psyched Up....

What we've got here? I am Flying !!

Rock On !! Let the Devils OUT !!

I felt so good...

Since, I was having so much fun, I decided to lift Nicci up with me.

Nicci holding on...

Up we go !! Woooot !!

Thank You Nicci for going up with me.. I will love you for this !!

I was having too much fun and I had to come down anyway... Wish I could have stayed up there for few more "DAYS"... hahaha !!

Right up to the roof !!

Nicci checking me out... :P

The most amazing person ever, Nicci... -Thank you for being there and helping me out.-

Nicci and Candy... The Ladies got hooked.. Hahaha !!

Time to take off the hooks...

Squeezing out the bubbles.. OOooo

Patch Em Up

The Hanged Man Team !! Love ya guys !!

I had the best time of my life going through such a great experience. I was pretty much sore the next 2 days but if you ask me if I would do it again? Hell Yeah !! I would never miss it for anything.

I will be updating the work I did on Nicci in a few days or so...

I would like to thank Nicci again, for being such an amazing person. I love ya, babe !! Thank you for all your help even though we didn't get to go out much. I like to thank The Hanged Man team again for making it possible for me. I like to thank all my clients who trusted me to put my works on them. I finally like to thank Jack Daniels and Absinthe for making me go through the nights I wish I didn't live...

It was both a good and bad experience. I did lose the one person I ever loved and cared for but, I also found many others, who love and care for me now. Even though time will heal all wounds, memories will always haunt me...

I do wish Ms.Kim all the best and hope she finds happiness in the "other" party...You will always be remembered.

I am back with an Absinthe Addiction, Hunger for Success and with a New Fucking Lifestyle - To ROCK the World !! Put on your safety belts.. I will take you all for a ride -Winks-

Until next time...